We at Gregory Tours Peru are aware of the times we are living in, they are very difficult times that we never imagined living. Now it is a reality worldwide, where we all must face and respect all the recommendations of the (World Health Organization) we must learn to live with new regulations, biosafety protocols.

Since March 16 of this year 2020, by ordinances of the Peruvian government, we were in a state of emergency and a total quarantine, until June, we could not leave our homes, so the economic system of the country was affected, as well as the health system.

People were in need and uncertainty invaded us all, after this the reactivation of the country would take place little by little.

Thus, on October 15 of the year, 2020, Peru received the “SafeTravels” seal from the World Travel and Tourism Council, and became a safe tourist destination for world tourism. With this certification, Peru becomes the third destination in Latin America to receive it, after Ecuador and Brazil.

At Gregory Tours Peru we understand how important it is to implement protocols within operations and the development of our activities. Thus, when you contract a service with Gregory Tours Peru you will receive complete information about the protocols that must be met within our service.